Exit Counseling

Federal regulations require students who borrow a Stafford, Graduate Plus or Campus-based loan to participate in Exit Counseling when graduating, dropping to a less than half-time status or leaving school for any reason. Financial Aid Offices are required to provide you with important information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. Exit Counseling is provided in online sessions for you to complete.

Important Note: If graduating or leaving campus for any reason, Exit Counseling must be completed and any outstanding tuition balance paid in full, before you are considered officially cleared from campus.  These sessions will cover your student loan repayment options.  Individual (one-on-one) counseling sessions are available upon request.  Please contact Janice Nottenkamper at (501) 686-7832 for details.

Complete Exit Counseling Requirements, including federal and campus-based loans, online using Mapping Your Future:

Mapping Your Future – Exit Counseling