Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment Disclosure and Reporting

Federal regulations require UAMS to disclose information regarding prospects for gainful employment when receiving Title IV federal financial aid for any certificate programs offered. Currently, UAMS offers the Dietetic Internship Program which can prepare you for gainful employment.

To learn more about this program and how this can prepare you for gainful employment please click here.  (Department of Education Disclosure Template)


Dietetic Internship – (CIP 30.1901 & 51.3101) (SOC 29-1031)


  • Clinical dietitians
  •  Outpatient dietitians
  •  Administrative dietitians
  • Food service directors
    • Public school
    • Hospital
  • Breastfeeding nutrition consultants
  • WIC nutritionists
  • Research managers
  • Clinical nutrition managers
  • Weight control clinic managers
  •  Wellness coordinators
  • Nutrition counselor for wellness firms
  • Instructors at colleges, universities, culinary schools

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