College of Health Professions – Tuition & Fees

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Tuition Charges 
Resident (per hour)$250
Non-Resident (per hour)$572
Graduate Resident (per hour)$386
Graduate Non-Resident (per hour)$835
Physician Assistant, Resident Master's Program (annual rate over three semesters - summer, fall and spring)*$6,300
Physician Assistant, Non-Resident Master's Program (annual rate over three semesters - summer, fall and spring)*$10,500
Physical Therapy, Resident Doctoral Program (flat rate - fall and spring)**$10,000
Physical Therapy, Non-Resident Doctoral Program (flat rate - fall and spring)**$15,000


CHP Fees

Laboratory Fee (per credit hour of enrollment) 16$10
Laboratory Fee, Physical Therapy/Diagnostic Medical Sonography (per applicable semester) 16$50
Laboratory Fee, Physician Assistant Studies (per semester)$125
Student Liability Insurance Fee (per sem) 17$13
Malpractice Insurance Fee (per yr) Physician Asst Program 17$150
Malpractice Insurance Fee (per yr) Physical Therapy Program 17$40
Application Fee $40
Enrollment Deposit - Physician Assistant Program 11$500
Enrollment Deposit - Physical Therapy Program 11$500
Enrollment Deposit - all other programs 11$60
Standardized Patient Fee 3 Tiers 18
Standardized Patient Fee-Tier 1 (per semester) Dietetics/Nutrition 18$125
Standardized Patient Fee-Tier 2 (per sem) Phys Thrpy/Phys Asst Studies 18$85
Standardized Patient Fee-Tier 3 (per sem) Audio/Speech Pathology 18$50
Diagnostic Equipment Purchase Fee, PA Prog.-1st term-One time charge$1200
Dental Hygiene Instrumentation Fee (per semester) $425
Registry Exam Fee 19$390
Credit By Examination Fee 201/2 a semester credit hour fee


2018-19 College Fees

** This tuition is an annual rate that remains the same throughout each academic year; Students will be charged a flat rate per semester (i.e. $6,000 or $10,000) that will remain the same for three (3) semesters (summer, fall & spring)

*** This tuition is an annual rate that remains the same throughout each academic year; Students will be charged a flat rate per semester (fall and spring) of $10,000 for in-state and $15,000 for out-of-state.

(1) Although not a fee, this deposit is due upon acceptance as a reservation of enrollment prior to actual registration. It is non-refundable, but will be applied to the first semester tuition if the applicant enrolls within a year. The non-refundable deposit of $300 for Physician Assistant applicants accepted into the College of Health Professions is due within three weeks of official notification and will be utilized to hold a position in the cohort.

(2) Departmental Lab rates in the College of Health Professions are set on the basis of usage. Estimated hours needed by each program creates a nine tier fee rate table. Physical Therapy is requesting an increase in its lab fee from $50 to $75 for Year 1 students.

(3) The Student Liability Insurance in the College of Health Professions covers students in a wide range of programs. The higher liability for paramedic students and those in the new physical therapy program is reflected in their Malpractice Insurance fees. As of Fall, 2016, the fee for College of Nursing PhD students will be the same College of Nursing fee as for non-PhD students.

(4) The College of Health Professions sets the Standardized Patient Fee amount based on usage. Dietetics and Nutrition students use is more than Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant programs. NEW for FY17, (Fall 2016), Audiology and Speech Pathology is requesting a new fee of $50/semester for its Au.D., M.S., and Ph.D. programs to cover the cost of standardized patients. Physical Therapy is requesting an increase in its standardized patient fee from $75 to $85 for each fall and spring of Year 1 and Year 2.

(5) Respiratory Therapy is requesting a NEW ‘voucher’ fee of $390 which would provide funding to the student when it’s time to sit for his/her registry exams while still in school.  With the voucher, the student would only need to enter a code in order to sit for their exam.  This would affect 14 students who are scheduled to graduate in spring, 2017.


Mandatory fees for all UAMS Students

Institutional (Fees related to all colleges) 
Graduation Fee $90
Student Health Fee (Fall/Spring) 1$141
Student Transportation Fee (per semester) 2$78
Technology Fee (Fall/Spring) 3$115
University Services Fee (Fall/Spring) 4$470
Student Activity Fee (Fall/Spring) 5$25
Standard Continuing Registration Fee (per semester) 6$250
Late Payment Fee (twice per semester)$50
Diploma Replacement Fee (per request)$25
Transcript Fee (per request) $10
Emergency Student Loan Fee (per request)$10
Payment Plan Fee (per semester as requested)$35
Payment Plan Late Fee (per occurrence) $50
  1. The Student Health Fee is not charged to students enrolled 100% online and is not charged for summer semester.
  2.  Students in the Master’s of Communications program (College of Health Professions) at UALR will not be charged.  Summer session rate is $39.  College of Nursing BSN students attending classes on UACCH (Hope, AR campus) will be charged the Student Transportation fee.  Students are required to attend clinical simulation classes on the Little Rock campus.  They are assigned to carpools and UAMS is reimbursing the drivers for mileage.
  3. The UAMS Technology Fee is charged to all students with the exception of students enrolled in online programs, they would be charged one-half of the standard rate.  It is not charged for the summer semester.
  4. Undergraduate students taking less than 6 hours and Graduate students taking less than 5 hours will not be charged.  The fee is not charged for summer semester.  Student enrolled in online programs will be charged one-half of the standard rate.  Fee increase is to cover the rise in costs associated with the academic administrative services provided.
  5. The Student Activity fee is not charged to students enrolled in approved, UAMS-designated 100% online programs.  It is not charged for the summer semester.
  6. This fee is charged to students actively engaged in a UAMS degree program but not enrolled in credit-bearing courses, activities, are preparing to fulfill graduation requirements and/or awaiting completion of final licensure tests.