College of Nursing – Tuition & Fees

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Tuiton/FeeUnderGrad Resident (per hr.)UnderGrad Non-resident (per hr.)Graduate Resident (per hr.)Graduate Non-resident (per hr.)
Undergraduate Standardized Patient Fee (1)$50$50$50$50
Graduate Standardized Patient Fee (semester when enrolled in Advanced Health Assessment Course)$300$300$300$300
BSN Skills Kit (1st JR semester only) $160$160$160$160
Student Liability Insurance (4)$20$20$20$20
Application Fee $100$100$100$100
Progression Test Fee (semester) (2)$250$250$250$250
Enrollment Deposit (3)$150$150$150$150


(1) The College of Nursing sets the fee amount for the skills lab based on usage. Since the level and frequency of use is less for
undergraduates, the fee is less. The higher graduate/masters fee includes suture laboratory supplies and reflects the additional usage
costs for the Advanced Health Assessment Course students.

(2) The College of Nursing is proposing a change in the Progression Test fee from $200/semester to $250 semester. This is due to a
change in the way students will progress through the program. In the past, BSN students were enrolled for 5 semesters, but moving
forward they will only enroll in 4 semesters. Because there is no reduction in coursework, the cost of ATI will remain the same.
Students were paying $200/semester for 5 semesters for a total cost of $1,000. The change will result in students paying
$250/semester for 4 semesters for a total cost of $1, 000. There is no additional cost to the student and is revenue neutral.

(3) Although not a fee, this deposit is due upon acceptance as a reservation of enrollment prior to actual registration. It is
non-refundable, but will be applied to the first semester tuition if the applicant enrolls within a year. The non-refundable deposit of $300
for Physician Assistant applicants accepted into the College of Health Professions is due within three weeks of official notification and
will be utilized to hold a position in the cohort.

(4) The Student Liability Insurance in the College of Health Professions covers students in a wide range of programs. The higher liability
for paramedic students and those in the new physical therapy program is reflected in their Malpractice Insurance fees.
As of Fall, 2016, the fee for College of Nursing PhD students will be the same College of Nursing fee as for non-PhD students.


Mandatory fees for all UAMS Students

Institutional (Fees related to all colleges) 
Graduation Fee $80
Student Health Fee (per semester) 1$141
Student Transportation Fee (per semester) 2$78
Summer Session Transportation Fee 2$39
Technology Fee (per semester) 3$105
University Services Fee (per semester) 4$420
Student Activity Fee (per semester) 5$25
Standard Continuing Registration Fee (per semester) 6$250
Late Payment Fee (per semester)$50
Diploma Replacement Fee (per request)$25
Transcript Fee (per request) $10
Emergency Student Loan Fee (per request)$10
Payment Plan Fee (per semester as requested)$35
Payment Plan Late Fee (per occurrence) $50
  1. Students enrolled in 100% online Programs only or 100% Distance Programs only will not be charged a Student Health Fee. (The fee waiver does not apply to individual courses)
  2. Students exempt from the Transportation fee are:
    • Students enrolled in 100% online Programs only or 100% Distance Programs only will not be charged a Transportation Fee. (The fee waiver does not apply to individual courses)
    • Students who already pay for parking (employee, clinical resident – fellow, or live at the Residence Hall.  (GRS Clinical fellows and residents – all programs)
    • Students enrolled in courses/programs that are located 100% at a non-UAMS facility; e.g., MS in Communicative Disorders @ UALR; BS inDental Hygiene @ Mtn. Home;     Radiation Imaging Sciences and Diagnostic Medical Sonography @ St. Christus Hospital in Texarkana; Respiratory Care @ UA Community College at Batesville; BSN at UA Community College at Hope (UACCH)
    • Students in the Master’s of Communication program (College of Health Professions) at UALR will not be charged.
    • NEW for FY17 – College of Nursing is proposing that BSN students attending classes on the UACCH (Hope, AR Campus) be charged the Student Transportation fee
    • Students who are required to attend clinical simulation classes on the Little Rock campus. They are assigned to carpools and UAMS is reimbursing the drivers for mileage
  3. Technology Fee increase is to cover COP/IPE mapping software needs and expansion of COP ExamSoft assessment program, now available to all colleges.
  4. The “University Services Fee” combines the Academic Affairs Student Fee, Student Insurance Admin Fee and the Library Fee and will fund ID Badges and the Caduceus year book. Undergraduate students taking less than 6 hours and Graduate students taking less than 5 hours will not be charged.
  5. Students enrolled in 100% online Programs only or 100% Distance Programs only will not be charged a Student Activity Fee. (The fee waiver does not apply to individual courses)
  6. This fee is charged to students actively engaged in a UAMS degree program but not enrolled in a UAMS class, is preparing to fulfill his/her graduation requirements and/or until final licensure tests are completed.