Non-Resident Academic Tuition Waiver

The UAMS Non-Resident Academic Tuition Waiver program is established with the following objectives.

  1. Enable UAMS to recruit and retain students into its education programs who exhibit the highest level of academic achievement.
  2. Improve UAMS’ ability to compete with its peer institutions in other states for highly sought after students.
  3. Increase the geographic diversity of the applicant pools for UAMS education programs.
  4. Help defray rising cost of education for students from other states who could not afford to enroll at UAMS otherwise.

Priority will be given to awards that result in fulfilling strategic planning goals for UAMS, the college and/or program, including for example, goals for program competitiveness, or student scholastic achievement.

The recipient’s resident status (state of legal residence) will not be affected and will be categorized as out-of-state (non-resident) for admissions purposes.

Eligibility to Apply

  1. The applicant for the Non-Resident Academic Tuition Waiver (“applicant”) must plan to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree or post-baccalaureate or advanced or graduate certificate at UAMS.
  2. The applicant must be enrolled for a minimum of 0.5 FTE (half-time), as defined by the program/college to which she/he is accepted.
  3. The applicant must be accepted by, or enrolled in, a UAMS college or the Graduate School for the period for which he/she is applying for the tuition waiver.