Tuition Waiver for Dependants of Disabled Veterans, Prisoners of War or Persons Missing or Killed in Action

For the purpose of tuition, fees and other charges associated with obtaining a bachelor’s degree, consistent with Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-82-601, all campuses of the University of Arkansas System shall waive any charges that exceed the amount of monetary benefits a dependent is eligible to receive from the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance program as established by Chapter 35 of Title 38 of the United States Code with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.


  1. “Dependent” means a spouse or any child born or conceived by, legally adopted by, or under the legal guardianship of a prisoner of war or person declared to be missing in action or killed in action or killed on ordnance delivery, or disabled veteran. The dependent child or spouse of a prisoner of war, veteran missing in action, or killed in action, or killed in action or killed on ordnance delivery, or disabled veteran must be a current resident of Arkansas. Stepchildren of the veteran are not eligible unless they have been legally adopted by the veteran or the veteran  has been appointed as the legal guardian of the stepchild. A dependent child must meet the definition of dependent child as established by the United States Department of


  1. “Disabled veteran” means a person who has been awarded special monthly compensation by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for service-connected, one hundred percent (100%) and permanent


  1. “Ordnance delivery” means the piloting of or flying in an experimental or test aircraft while determining its fitness or ability to perform its military function or


  1. “Prisoner of war,” “person missing in action,” “person killed in action,” “person killed on ordnance delivery,” and “disabled veteran” means any person who was a resident of the State of at the time that person entered the service of the United States Armed Forces or whose official residence is within the State of Arkansas and who, while serving in the armed forces, has been declared to be a prisoner of war, a person missing in action, or a person killed in action as established by the Secretary of Defense of the United States after January 1, 1960, or a person killed on ordnance delivery, or has been declared by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to be totally and permanently disabled one hundred percent (100%) as a result of service- connected injuries or service-connected medical conditions. It is not necessary for the purposes of these definitions that capture or death occur during a declared war or as a result of hostile actions. A death as a result of injuries received while serving in the United States Armed Forces  is only covered if the death occurred while on active


The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the State Board of Education are charged with adopting rules and regulations necessary to implement the provisions of the scholarship program established by Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-82-601.