College of Pharmacy – Tuition & Fees

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FY 2020-2021 Tuition Charges 
Resident (per semester)$9640
Non-Resident Regional(per semester)*$12050
Non-Resident Non-Regional (per semester)$19280
Resident Part-time (per hour)$803
Non-Resident Regional Part-time (per hr)*$1004
Non-Resident Part-time (per hr)$1606

*The “Non-resident Regional” tuition rate for the following states:  LA, MO, MS, OK, TN, TX.  The residents of these states would receive a tuition rate of 125% of in-state tuition, thus creating a 2-teir-out-of-state tuition rate for the Pharm. D. program only.

FY 2020-2021 COP Fees 
Student Malpractice/Liability Insurance Fee (per semester)$18
Standardized Patient Fee (per semester)$150
Pre-NAPLEX Exam Cost Fee (4th year only) (1)$55
Sterile Dispensing Training Laboratory Fee (per sem) P1 & P2 students$100
NAPLEX Prep Course (per semester) (2)$65
Experiential Education Fee$262
Student Application Fee $100
Enrollment Deposit (3)$200
Immunization Training P1 (spring only) (4)$100
Professional Development Fee (per semester) (5)$25
NiaRx Licence (per semester) (6)$21

(1) The Pre-NAPLAX Exam fee for only 4th year students is to cover the cost of the Pre-NAPLAX exam course.

(2) The NAPLAX Prep Course fee is spread out over the duration of the program to cover the cost of an externally provided prep course to improve the NAPLEX pass rate.  The fee has increased to $65 per semester to cover the RxPrep contract terms for a fee increase per student.

(3) Although not a fee, this deposit is due upon acceptance, as a reservation of enrollment prior to actual registration.  It is non-refundable, but will be applied to the first semester tuition if the applicant enrolls within a year.

(4) Immunization Training by APhA is required by most state Boards of Pharmacy to administer immunizations.  This training is done in the P1 year.

(5) The Professional Development Fee is used to subsidize the current Student Activity Fee funding for professional development activities specific to the COP students.

(6) Formerly known as the NiaRx license, the Simulated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) licenses are purchased for all P1-P3 students at an annual cost of $55/license for three (3) years.  The cost is spread over 4 years.

Mandatory fees for all UAMS Students

FY 2020-2021 Institutional Fees (all colleges) 
Graduation Fee $90
Student Health Fee (Fall/Spring) 1$145
Student Transportation Fee (per semester) 2$78
Technology Fee (Fall/Spring) 3$118
University Services Fee (Fall/Spring) 4$476
Student Activity Fee (Fall/Spring) 5$25
Standard Continuing Registration Fee (per semester) 6$250
Late Payment Fee (twice per semester)$50
Diploma Replacement Fee (per request)$25
Transcript Fee (per request) $10
Emergency Student Loan Fee (per request)$10
Payment Plan Fee (per semester as requested)$35
Payment Plan Late Fee (per occurrence) $50
  1. The Student Health Fee is not charged to students enrolled in UAMS-designated 100% online programs and is not charged for the summer semester.
  2. The Student Transportation fee is not charged to students enrolled in UAMS-designated 100% online programs.  For each term, students enrolled in programs on the Northwest campus will no be charged.  Summer session rate is $39.
  3. The UAMS Technology Fee is charged to all students with the exception of students enrolled in UAMS-designated 100% online programs.  They are charged one-half of the standard rate.  This fee is not charged for the summer semester.
  4. Undergraduate students taking less than 6 hours and Graduate students taking less than 5 hours will not be charged.  The fee is not charged for summer semester.  Students enrolled in UAMS-designated 100% online programs will be charged one-half of the standard rate.
  5. The Student Activity fee is not charged to students enrolled in approved, UAMS-designated 100% online programs.  It is not charged for the summer semester.
  6. This fee is charged to students actively engaged in a UAMS degree program but not enrolled in credit-bearing courses, activities, are preparing to fulfill graduation requirements and/or awaiting completion of final licensure tests.